Veteran's Day Lesson Resources for November 11th

I had a 5th grade teacher, Jennifer Campbell, ask about Veteran's Day resources last week so I thought I would post a list of resources to use as you begin to prepare for that day; it's next week! Teaching our students to remember and value those who have sacrificed and even lost their lives so that we might live is a rewarding opportunity as a teacher. I had a video I created several years ago that I played at our Veteran's Day assembly and after that, students always wanted me to show them the video, even after I had forgotten about it. Below is another video I found on YouTube that someone posted. There are many there for the choosing. By going to KeepVid, you can download the videos to your computer and keep them for the future. Take this opportunity to make it memorable for our students. Don't forget, you can use sites like Voki, Glogster, Vuvox, ShowBeyond, or Animoto as great student products for Veteran's Day projects.
Lesson Resources:
Department of Veteran's Affairs
Education World
Apples for the Teacher
Hot Chalk
Teacher Planet
Thank Our Troops through the USO

Graphics Resources:
Veteran's Day Clipart
Veteran's Day Clipart
Library of Congress
Wikipedia Public Domain Images
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