Project-Based Learning Develops Problem Solving Skills

I have been talking a lot at school lately about Project-based learning. I really think another name for this should be problem-based learning. This type of lesson design centers on a group of real world questions or an authentic problem the students must solve. It is standards-based and allows students to acquire knowledge in an authentic learning environment. It affords them the opportunity to see how they will use their learning in the real world. When you observe and talk to students who are learning in this type of environment, you will find them engaged and they will talk about how excited they are regarding the information they are gaining. To gain a better understanding of this type of learning, check out Edutopia. They have quite a few resources and some great videos detailing this learning environment in action. The videos detailing the projects say it all. I've provided some links to PBLs that have already been developed. Click here to access customizable project checklists.
Project-Based Learning Resources:
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