Best YouTube Video for the Week

I haven't had an opportunity to do much blogging lately. Between the Thanksgiving holiday and jury duty, I have been out of pocket. I decided over the break last week that every Monday, I am going to post a YouTube video of the week. One teacher recently told me that providing teachers with override options for YouTube was the most valuable thing our district did for enriching her content delivery. I would encourage everyone to post links to favorite videos so you can share with others especially since this is such a new option for many teachers. Most of the time I will feature a link to multiple videos compiled on a channel, but then, it could just be a single video covering one concept.  

I have been doing some work with the 5th grade teachers at Baxter Elementary planning for their upcoming WWII unit of study. Surviving the Holocaust provided some compelling video links on YouTube that cover many perspectives of horrific component to the war. Check them out. And don't forget to post some links to your favorites!
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