Problem Solving Skills Emerge Through Video Games

Research has determined the best way to develop problem solving skills is through the development of casual reasoning. But how do you develop that? Researchers report that simulation-type video games provide the learning opportunities necessary for the development of casual reasoning. It affords students the opportunity to assess, make inferences, predictions, collaborate, and problem solve in a safe environment. James Gee likens video games to nothing more than a series of assessments on how well their decision making skills have progressed. While the video is 11 minutes long, he raises some interesting points about the validity of using these simulation type video games for learning. I came across this website, Games For Change, that listed a variety of real-world video games that allow students opportunities to solve the world's problems. What better preparation for the future is there?
Big Thinkers: James Paul Gee on Grading with Games | Edutopia
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