Glogster Is Changing...Get Your Free Account Now!

I received an email from Glogster EDU that their free version with 100 students accounts is available only until November 7th so if you even think you might want an account, I'd sign up today! After November 7th, the Basic Free teacher accounts will be reduced to 50 student accounts. The 100 free accounts you receive now will not be effected once the reduction takes place. When Glogster EDU was first released, teachers received 200 accounts. Even though 100 accounts are now issued, my 200 accounts were never affected. Glogster is such a great tool for student projects and offers a variety of curriculum applications; students enjoy the creativity this site affords and it allows them an opportunity to produce fabulous end products. So...get registered today before time runs out. Below is a glog I found that displays some of the features available.

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