Improvements to Google Docs Makes Collaboration Even Better

Google created Google Docs several years ago and introduced teachers to the idea that students could collaborate on projects online at home, outside of the classroom. This was a pretty cool concept and students and teachers alike embraced this environment. But we all know Google is constantly refining its products to meet the needs of the end-users. There have been several changes made to Google Docs over the years now allowing more than just the basic Microsoft Office docs. They now allow for collaboration to occur in real time. You can upload more file types now, and the Google Docs drawing tool is an excellent tool for digital projects. There is also a chat feature that allows students and teachers to share ideas and feedback in real time, instantly. This makes it easy for teachers and students in today's digital classroom to create and edit documents, share them with other teachers or students, and have teachers or students comment or edit those documents in school or at home. Brilliant Google! Once again I will say it...Google is taking over the world, and I'm feeling lucky!
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