Cool New Comic Site

Ever tried to think of fun new ways to motivate students to read? When I was in high school, yes high school, my best friend's mom was a librarian and she would always bring a ton of Archie comic books home from the grocery store. We would pour over those just reading the day away. Would I have picked up a book? Not unless I had to! Check out this new site that allows you to download public domain, classic comic books. What a great way to interject some engaging activities to aid in developing reading and writing skills. Check it out; it's called Digital Comic Museum. All that is necessary to download the comics is to sign up for their free membership. There are several Web 2.0 sites that you could incorporate here and really challenge the students to create their own such as:
  • Bitstrips - An online funny pages that allows you can star in your own comics.
  • ToonDoo - The cartoon strip creator; has an educational membership.
  • MakeBeliefsComix - This site allows you to create comics in multiple languages.
Check out this SlideShare Presentation:

It's time to cartoon today!
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