Diigo Is A GoGo

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Okay, in all of my training sessions I have been touting Delicious as the way to go for bookmarking favorite sites online. Back in 2006, a site was launched that takes online bookmarking to another level...yes I am behind the times! Diigo (Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other Stuff) takes online bookmarking to another level. It also provides users with the ability to save images to their account as well as notes taken about any site. Another feature that I love about Diigo is that you can create lists to categorize your links...so if you are looking for a link that pertains to say, Language Arts, you go directly to that list. ANOTHER feature allows you to highlight information on a web page to save. This website is a great productivity tool that every teacher needs to embrace. So let's all do the Diigo Dance...
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