Avatars, the 21st century teaching assistant

I had a teacher ask about alternatives to using Voki to aid students with their French. When you record directly into Voki, it only allows you 30 seconds. You can squeeze a little more time out of Voki if you use the other two options available. You can make recordings using tools like Garageband or Audacity, or online tools such as Vocaroo, or Myna from Aviary but you won't get much more than a minute. Another option is clicking on the phone icon and entering your cell phone for a call back from Voki. It will let you leave a recorded message. Depending on your cell phone, this is a great option and in most cases produces good results. But, if you would like a little more time, another option is Photoface Dashboard. This site allows you to upload pictures to use for your avatar and has you place the animation points for proper perspective. While students really like Voki, they LOVE Photoface Dashboard. There are so many uses for avatars within the classroom, bringing historical characters to life, practicing reading fluency or foreign language fluency/pronunciation, content review, to name a few. So when you find yourself shorthanded, go digital.
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