This year I had a 5th-grade math teacher, Judy Jaisle, who wanted to get her students blogging about their math learning journey. I was so excited at this opportunity to give students an outlet for reflection and teaching. After all...isn't that the highest form of learning? 

We used Blogger and set up their blogs in the computer lab, but they are actually using iPads to do their blogging. I've been amazed at the ease with which these students took to blogging!

Since getting the 5th-graders up and running, a 4th-grade ELAR teacher, Lucy Morales and, 3rd-grade Bilingual teacher, Martha Lackey have also gotten their students blogging. Student comments and excitement for this have been fun to witness. Yes...learning CAN be fun!

I love using Blogger because there are several measures that can be taken to ensure students are safe. Currently, their blogs are unlisted, all comments are closed to their classmates only and are all moderated. What a great opportunity these students have to reflect on their learning in a real-world context. Who knows, we may be cultivating skills for the next Earnest Hemmingway or Harper Lee.


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I ran across this great post on using Socratic Questioning in the math class that identified the six types of Socratic Questions and then proceeded to provide specific examples of what these look like when learning math. Click here to check it out. 

When paired with the Padlet iOS or Android app, you could really leverage the ability to get students having math conversations. Just pose a question and have pairs of students use the video option to make a "Selfie Video" responding to a Socratic prompt. Boom...instant math conversation.

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Because our lesson plan template is now in Google Sheets, several teachers have asked for help in making it easier to type within the cells. I came across this blog post from Alice Keeler and thought her tips were helpful for our teachers and wanted to share with them, but also I decided I needed to add a few more specific to our needs.

I am sure there are other needs. As I uncover them, I will update this blog post. Have a question about something you are trying to accomplish in Google Sheets? Let me know and we will discover a solution for you!

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It's back to school...woohoo! A teacher asked me to compile a list of tools she could share with her students this year that would provide a variety of options from which to choose when creating their projects. She commented they always tended to create posters...for everything! So I jumped at the chance and even provided boxes for them to check off as they used a tool. But, it is important to note that the same tool can be used more than once, just in a different way or to produce or present content in a new way.

Below is the compilation of tools I believe help students to develop the necessary skills needed for today's digital learning environment. These tools are all free and easy to use. Also included are copyright-friendly resources for graphics to use in student projects. Notice the disclaimer at the bottom. We don't want to rob our students of opportunities to take control of their learning; after all, we aren't always around when they need to figure something out!

These are my favorite...what are yours?

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